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William Richard

Associate Professor
Since he joined the faculty at Washington University in St. Louis in 1988, Professor Richard has continued the development of advanced computer architectures and image processing algorithms for ultrasonic imaging. He is the author of many widely-cited papers on ultrasonic imaging, and in 2004 he was awarded a patent on a novel technique for real-time synthetic focus ultrasonic imaging. The Universal Serial Bus (USB) ultrasound probes he developed, which require only a laptop to form a complete ultrasonic imaging system, were named by Popular Science Magazine as one of the Best 100 Innovations of 2006. The same year, the International Academy of Science named the USB probes one of the top 10 finalists for their "Technology of the Year Award."

Professor Richard serves on the editorial board for Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the American Society for Engineering Education.
Professor Richard's 1989 paper on real-time gain correction and his 1994 paper on real-time scan conversion (with Professor Martin Arthur) were key to the development of modern, low-cost ultrasonic imaging systems. Professor Richard developed a low-cost, PCI-bus based system based on these techniques in 1996 to localize brain tumors during neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic as part of the CAMIS (Computer-Assisted Minimally-Invasive Surgery) project. Over a dozen commercial ophthalmic, urologic, and neurosurgical ultrasound systems based on Professor Richard's low-cost PCI technology are currently being manufactured by several different international companies.

Professor Richard's current research focus is two-fold: the development of low-cost, low-power, portable ultrasonic imaging probes that can be used with laptop or even cell phone hosts to provide ultrasonic imaging capability in remote areas; and the development of improved imaging electronics and algorithms for current-generation, low-cost, PCI- and USB-based ultrasound systems.
Selected Publications
Richard, W.D., “Efficient Parallel Real-Time Upsampling with Xilinx FPGAs,”Xilinx Xcel Journal, Issue 89, 2014, pp. 39-44.
Limbrick, D.D., S. Lake, M. Talcott, B. Alexander, S. Wight, J. Willie, W.D. Richard, G. Genin, E.C. Leuthardt, "The Baric Probe: A Novel Long-Term Implantable Intracranial Pressure Monitor with Ultrasound-Based Interrogation," Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, vol. 10, no. 6, pp. 518-524, December, 2012.
W.A. Steelman and W.D. Richard, "Performance of a New GPU-Based Scan-Conversion Algorithm Implemented Using OpenGL," Ultrasonic Imaging, vol. 33, pp. 143-150, 2011.
W.D. Richard, D.M. Zar, and R. Solek, "A Low-Cost B-Mode USB Ultrasound Probe," Ultrasonic Imaging, vol. 30, pp. 21-28, 2008.
L. Sun, X. Xu, W.D. Richard, C. Feng, J.A. Johnson, and K.K. Shung, "A High-Frame Rate Duplex Ultrasound BioMicroscopy for Small Animal Imaging In Vivo," IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 55, no. 8, pp. 2039-2049, August, 2008.
L. Sun, W.D. Richard, J.M. Cannata, C.C. Feng, J.A. Johnson, J.T. Yen, and K.K. Shung, "A High-Frame Rate High-Frequency Ultrasonic System for Cardiac Imaging in Mice," IEEE Transactions on Ultrasaonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, vol. 54, pp. 1648-1655, 2007.
Selected Research
Title: Deployment of Cell Phone-Based Ultrasound
Role: Principal Investigator
Sponsor: Microsoft Research
Title: Cell Phone as a Platform for Healthcare: Low-Cost USB Ultrasound Probe
Role: Principal Investigator
Sponsor: Microsoft Research
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PhD, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1988
MS, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1985
BS, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1983

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