Washington University, St. Louis Engineering

Committees & Assignments

Laboratories & Centers

Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) Director:
Patrick Crowley
Media & Machines Laboratory (MnM) Director:
Robert Pless
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (CPSL):
Chenyang Lu

Leadership Responsibilities

Director of Doctoral Study:
Robert Pless
Director of Master's Programs:
Christopher Gill
Director of Multidisciplinary Studies
Tao Ju

Director of PhD Admission:
Yixin Chen

Departmental Committees

Diversity Committee:
Caitlin Kelleher (chair), Kunal Agrawal, Chenyang Lu
Leadership Committee:
Ron Cytron (chair), Roger Chamberlain, Patrick CrowleyTao Ju, Robert Pless
Faculty Development and Recognition:
Patrick Crowley, Raj Jain (chair)

Special Assignments

ACM Faculty Advisor:
Tao Ju
Colloquium Series Coordinator:
Yasutaka Furukawa
Roman Garnett
Library Liaison:
Tao Ju
Technical Report Series Coordinator:
Tao Ju
Coordinator for Undergraduate Research:
Ruth Miller
Department Website Coordinator:
Lauren Huffman
Women in Computer Science (WiCS) Advisor:
Ruth Miller

School of Engineering & Applied Science Committees

Advisory Committee for Educational Assessment:
Roger Chamberlain
Systems Engineering Advisory Committee:
William Richard
Discipline Committee:
Ron Cytron
Engineering IT (EIT) Advisory Committee:
Christopher Gill
Executive Committee:
Roch Guérin
Undergraduate Board:
Tao Ju
Faculty Scholarship Selection Committee:
Raj Jain
Graduate Board:
Christopher Gill

Washington University Committees

Association of Women Faculty:
Caitlin Kelleher

Center for Biomedical Informatics Leadership Committee:
Jeremy Buhler

IT Teaching and Learning Domain Governance:
Ron Cytron
DBBS Diversity Steering Committee:
Michael Brent
DBBS Faculty Admissions Committee:
Michael Brent
Entrepreneurship Curriculum Committee:
Patrick Crowley
Institutional Conflict of Interest Committee:
Ron Cytron
Computer Science & Engineering Faculty Representative to the Graduate Council:
Robert Pless
University Library Council:
Patrick Crowley
University Council:
Ron Cytron
SEAS Representative Faculty Council:
Ron Cytron
Online Education Committee:
Ron Cytron
Assembly Series Committee Representative:
Robert Pless

Washington University in St. Louis School of Engineering & Applied Science, Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Jolley Hall, Suite 304, CB 1045, 1 Brookings Drive, Saint Louis, MO, USA 63130
Phone: (314) 935-6160, Fax: (314) 935-7302

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