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    Department presents Outstanding Student Awards

    Ten undergraduate students were recognized for their research contributions, curriculum performance, and leadership within the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

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    Doctoral student awarded 2013-2014 NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship

    Stephen Tyree, PhD candidate in computer science, won the award for his work on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

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    Computer Science & Engineering research associate featured in St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Abby Stylianou will help investigators locate the misplaced grave of an unidentified girl who had been killed 30 years ago.

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    Twenty Minutes with Kilian Weinberger

    Professor Weinberger's research focuses on machine learning, a new approach to artificial intelligence in which computers learn on their own using learning algorithms.

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    New mobile app helps students track campus shuttle

    Created by Vinoo Ganesh, a senior and computer science major, the app tracks the campus circulator's location in real-time and provides schedule and route details.

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    Kelleher's K-12 computer programming outreach efforts featured in "Washington Magazine"

    Children who use Assistant Professor Caitlin Kelleher's "Looking Glass" program learn the basics of computer programming while creating an open-ended story.

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    Square's new gift card service featured in St. Louis Business Journal

    Square Wallet, part of the business co-founded by alumnus Jim McKelvey, allows users to send gift cards to friends and saves small businesses from paying large transaction fees for processing plastic gift cards.

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    Assistant Professor Kunal Agrawal receives gift from the Intel Corporation

    The $50,000 gift will be used to support development on a new undergraduate course.

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    Recreating mantis shrimp vision may aid biomedical imaging, weapons targeting

    A group of researchers, including Viktor Gruev, PhD, want to recreate that vision to make a specialized camera that could bring more precision to biomedical imaging and weapon targeting in defense.

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    Engineering student's new app featured in Student Life

    Vinoo Ganesh is working on a phone application to track the WUSTL campus circulator using GPS systems. He expects the app to be available before the next school year.

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