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Combined BS/MS Program

This five-year program, leading to a master's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, is available to any undergraduate engineering student. It offers the student an excellent opportunity to combine undergraduate and graduate studies in an integrated curriculum. Combination of the two programs extends the flexibility of the undergraduate curriculum to more advanced studies. Students in the BS/MS program can exploit the program's flexibility by taking graduate courses toward the graduate degree while still completing the undergraduate degree requirements. The program is open to students who have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA.

The BS/MS program offers early admission to the graduate program in Computer Science or Computer Engineering in the second semester of the junior year and allows you to complete the master's degree in only one additional year of study (instead of the usual 3 semesters), while also earning a bachelor's degree in your chosen major. Taking advantage of this program can result in a financial advantage, since the total time to completion is shortened. Also, if you choose to do a Master's Project or Master's Thesis, this program gives you the flexibility to spread the research work over a longer period.


  • Students must complete a total of 150 units of coursework
  • Credits not counted towards an undergraduate degree can be counted toward the 30 units required for the MS
  • Up to 6 units of course work, of the 150 total units, can be used to satisfy requirements in both the BS and MS degrees
  • Breadth Requirements

  • For MS in Computer Science, please view the requirements here.
  • For MS in Computer Engineering, please view the requirements here.
  • Please Note

    If you plan to apply to this program, it is recommended that you complete at least an undergraduate minor in computer science, three additional computer science courses at the 400 level, and one at the 500 level during your first four years. See the sample schedule for the BS/MS program.

    To apply for the BS/MS program, complete the graduate admissions online application no later than September 1 of your senior year. The application process is identical to that for the regular MS, except that the application fee is waived. Be sure to check the box marked "BS/MS" on the form. Note: Financial support is not extended for the fifth year of study for students who were admitted to Washington University starting Fall 2008 and later.

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