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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin?

    You would normally begin your studies with CSE 131.  If you have AP scores in Computer Science, look here to determine the credit we award for various scores on the AP exams.

Can I count one of the Henry Edwin Sever Institute (e.g., T81) courses as a technical elective?

     No. Henry Edwin Sever Institute courses (such as T81 courses) cannot be counted as a technical elective. As with University College Courses, with approval they can be transferred. However, if approved for transfer credit, they only count toward the 120 units required for graduation. Also, the grade is not transferred. Engineering Student Services maintains a list of approved transfer courses including University College courses and Henry Edwin Sever Institute courses. For any courses not listed OR listed with an evaluation date that is more than 2 years old, go to Lopata Hall, Room 303 to find out if (and how) it will transfer.
What is the Residency Requirement?
    30 Units of 300-level higher courses from SEAS. If you are getting a CS and CoE degree, then you must have 15 units of CSE/ESE courses taken from SEAS and 15 units of CSE courses (disjoint from the 15 units of CSE/ESE) courses taken from SEAS.

How many Independent Study credits can I take?
    Up to six (6) units of independent study can count toward the CSE elective requirement. However, more independent study units can count for general university credits.

What is the Chemistry Requirement for BSCS or BSCoE?
    Chemistry is no longer strictly required for either the BSCS or BSCoE degrees. Both degrees include a natural science requirement, and courses in chemistry will count towards this requirement.
Do CSE 104, CSE 200, or CSE 232 count as technical electives?
    No. For BSCS or BSCoE majors, only courses with a T, S, M, or A suffix can count as technical electives. However, they would count toward the 120 units required for graduation.

What courses can be counted toward the two CSE electives for the CS minor?
    For CS minors, only CSE 200, CSE 240 or courses with a T, S, M, or A suffix can count as a CSE elective.

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