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Minor in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering makes available an opportunity to pursue a course of study leading to a minor in computer science. The minor provides a basic foundation in computer science through a two-course core and three CS electives. The core provides an introduction to computer science concepts and problem-solving techniques. Electives offer flexibility to integrate your computer science studies with your major area or individual interests. All undergraduate students, except computer science and computer engineering majors, are eligible. The requirements are:

  1. Core: CSE 131 and CSE 247
  2. CSE Electives: Any three CSE courses with a T, S, M, or A suffix (Students may also choose from CSE 132, CSE 240, and CSE 347).

Declaration must be approved in writing by the student's academic advisor, the chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and the dean of the student's major school. The minor can be declared any time after selection of the specific courses to be taken. The declaration form is available from the dean's office of the student's major school. You may also want to contact faculty who can offer insights into specific fields applicable to the minor.

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