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Second Major in Computer Science

Students earning a degree in another division can earn a second major in computer science by completing the requirements as listed below. It is not necessary to complete other distribution requirements of the School of Engineering for the second major.

  • Core (6 courses): CSE 131, CSE 132, CSE 240 (or Math 310), CSE 247, CSE 332S and CSE 347.  Each of these core courses must be passed with a grade of C- or better.
  • Electives: At least 24 units of computer science electives, selected from any CSE courses with an S, T, M, or A suffix
  • Calculus: Math 131 (or Math 121-122)
  • Probability: ESE 326 (or Math 2200 or 3200, or QBA 120-121)

A second major in computer science can expand your career options and is ideal for a student pursuing a degree in a field with limited employment opportunities or for interdisciplinary study in areas such as cognitive science, computational biology, chemistry, physics, philosophy, and linguistics. The second major option is also well-suited for students planning careers in medicine, law, business, architecture, and fine arts. You may want to contact faculty who can offer insights into specific fields applicable to the second major.

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