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BS in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) is the traditional computer science degree in the School of Engineering & Applied Science. If you are planning a career in computer science and want a degree with an engineering flavor, then a BSCS may be the right choice. The degree requires 120 units, including a set of eight core courses and six electives that provide a broad CS background.

  1. Core: CSE 131, CSE 132, CSE 240, CSE 241, CSE 332S, CSE 436S, (CSE 260M or CSE 361S), and (CSE 422S or CSE 431S or CSE 425S)
  2. CS electives: Any six (6) additional CS courses with an S, T, M, or A suffix. These courses must include at least one from theory (T), at least one from systems (S), and at least one from either machines (M) or applications (A).
  3. Mathematics: Math 131-132-233 or 141-142, Math 217, and Math 309 or ESE 318 or ESE 319
  4. Probability: Math 3200 or ESE 326 or the sequence QBA 120-121
  5. Science: Physics 117A-118A and Chemistry 111A-151
  6. Writing: EP 310 and the EComp requirement
  7. Humanities and Social Sciences: 18 units total, with at least 6 units in the humanities and at least 6 in the social sciences
  8. Additional requirements: At least 30 units at the 300-level or higher must be Engineering courses.

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