New Students

Prior to the student’s first advising meeting, requests for changes of degree program, course transfers, and other matters should be directed to the Director of Masters Programs. Following their initial advising meetings, students should first discuss all advising issues with their advisers.

Out of Department and Transfer Credit Requests

These requests can be made at any point in a student's program, and must be approved by both advisers and the Master's Program Director. All requests should be submitted using the online request form for review. Once a course is approved, students will be notified in a timely manner and it will be added to your WUachieve audit. Please see the following specific requirements.

Requesting units from another WashU department

  • With departmental approval, up to 12 units may be taken from outside of the department. Such approval shall be contingent on the credits being suitably technical graduate-level content. To count more than 6 units from outside the CSE department, an appropriate justification for the additional increment shall be provided by the adviser and student. Departmental approval shall be evaluated with increasing stringency for each additional increment.
  • Units cannot have been counted towards a previous degree except in the following two situations:
    • Up to 15 units may be shared with another masters degree earned from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
    • BS/MS students may use up to 6 units to satisfy requirements for both their Bachelor and Master's degrees. (Please note that 150 total units are still required to complete both degrees.)
  • Please be prepared to submit the following:
    • Weekly syllabus of topics covered in the course
    • Course description
    • Textbook information, website, and any other details

Requesting units from another institution

  • A maximum of 6 units of graduate credit may be applied toward the master's degree.
  • Units cannot have been counted towards any previous degree.
  • Please submit the following:
    • A letter from that institution's registrar, which states the coursework was not used to satisfy any degree requirements
    • Weekly syllabus of topics covered in the course
    • Course description
    • Textbook information, website, and any other details

Introductory Requirements

All students admitted Fall 2017 and later must have previously completed (as documented by their undergraduate transcript), successfully test to place out of, or complete at the start of their program, two introductory courses or outside courses judged to be equivalent. The courses required for each program are listed below.

  • MS in Computer Science: CSE 501N and CSE 502N
  • MS in Computer Engineering: CSE 501N and CSE 505N
  • MS in Cybersecurity Engineering: CSE 501N and CSE 502N
  • MEng in Computer Science and Engineering: CSE 501N and CSE 502N

Special Advising for BS/MS or Dual Degree Students

Any student who has more than one WashU degree may notice that sometimes WUachieve has difficulty choosing which courses to count toward each degree. To aid in this, the department provides a Program Declaration Form that students can use with their adviser to plan and track which courses will count to which degree. Students can track which courses should count exclusively to each degree as well as which should satisfy requirements for both degrees.

Before graduation, any student with an incomplete WUachieve audit will be required to submit this form. Please note, however, that if WUachieve audit shows that all degree requirements are met, we will NOT make changes to the program. The only reason we will make changes is to ensure degree requirements are met.