Doctoral Student Seminars

The Department’s Graduate Student Association organizes a regular (typically weekly) seminar in which doctoral students present their ongoing research. This seminar provides a forum for students to show off their work to their peers and an opportunity to practice the skills of talk preparation and presentation.




March 22
Shenghua He
Rajagopal Venkatesaramani
Miaomiao Zhang
March 29

Xiaojian Xu
Sixie Yu
Will Yeoh
Jeremy Buhler
April 5

Jinghan Yang
Hai Le
Chris Gill

April 12
Arghya Datta
Athena M'Tabakhi
Eugene Vorobeychik
Ayan Chakrabarti
April 19

Maede Zolanvari
Jeffery Jung
April 26
Liang Tong
Muhan Zhang
Sanjoy Baruah