Angelina Lee<img alt="I-Ting Angelina Lee" src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/Lee_Angelina.jpg?RenditionID=6" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />Assistant ProfessorI-Ting Angelina Lee - Computer Science & Engineering - Works to advance software technologies for parallel computing​PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012<br/>SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012<br/>BS, University of California, San Diego, 2003<div><br/> <p>  <a href=""><img src="/Profiles/PublishingImages/gscholar.png" alt="" style="margin: 0px 0px -5px;"/> Google Scholar</a></p></div><p>​Assistant Professor</p><h3>Research</h3><p>I-Ting Angelina Lee's research focuses on advancing software technologies for parallel computing. She is interested in many aspects of parallel computing, including designing programming models and linguistic constructs to simplify parallel programming, developing runtime and operating system support to execute multithreaded programs efficiently, and building software tools to aid debugging and performance engineering of multithreaded code.​<br/></p><h3>​Biography</h3><p>Professor Lee's joined the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis in fall 2014. Prior to that, Professor Lee worked with the Supertech research group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Professor Charles Leiserson for her graduate study and subsequently as a postdoctoral associate. She received the Best Paper Award at the 2012 Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA).</p><img alt="" src="/Profiles/ResearchImages/shield_red.jpg?RenditionID=13" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>314-935-4621<br/><a href=""></a><br/>Jolley Hall, Room 516​</p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-wpbox" contenteditable="false"><div class="ms-rtestate-notify ms-rtestate-read 919d653a-1e6b-4055-8abe-50e689efa96f" id="div_919d653a-1e6b-4055-8abe-50e689efa96f" unselectable="on"></div><div id="vid_919d653a-1e6b-4055-8abe-50e689efa96f" unselectable="on" style="display: none;"></div></div><ul style="margin-top: -10px;"><li> <a href="/news/Pages/Computer-programming-may-get-easier-with-new-WashU-research.aspx">Computer programming may get easier with new WashU research</a><br/></li></ul>




NSF grants Chamberlain $1.2 million to improve the efficiency of streaming computer applications grants Chamberlain $1.2 million to improve the efficiency of streaming computer applications