We offer unique, cutting edge degrees in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
Our faculty's diverse research interests and multidisciplinary approach allow you to customize your PhD experience and find solutions to real-world problems in a collaborative environment.

Full Support & Funding


Our PhD students are fully funded, including full tuition support and health insurance.

As a doctoral candidate, you will also receive a generous stipend to cover living expenses and a new, high-end Apple laptop computer. This support is guaranteed as you continue to make satisfactory progress towards your degree.

Additionally, doctoral students may also qualify for one of the fellowships:

Faculty & Research Spotlight

I-Ting Angelina Lee, assistant professor of computer science & engineering, seeks to boost speed on cloud platform apps with CAREER Award

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WashU computer scientists Ayan Chakrabarti, assistant professor of computer science & engineering, and Tao Ju, professor of computer science & engineering study the environment’s effect on plants.

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Talented Faculty Mentors

Our department covers the full breadth of computer science and engineering, with no two faculty members researching the same topic. Each focuses on unique problems and collaborates across disciplines to develop practical solutions and advance understanding. Many of our faculty members are also ACM and IEEE Fellows as well as members of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Many of our faculty are recipients of the NSF CAREER Award, as well as other prestigious awards such as the Sloan Fellowship and have been named to Popular Science Magazine’s 100 Best Innovations. Our faculty publish papers at top notch conferences and prestigious journals such as the ACM, IEEE, SIAM Journals, and the Journal of Computational Biology.

Freedom in Research

Students are not immediately paired with a research advisor (though they do have an academic advisor from day one). Matching students to research advisors takes place after participating in "rotations". During your first semester, you will learn on small research projects with different faculty members, allowing you the freedom to select a research topic and advisor that truly meet your unique interests.

Professional Experience & Exposure

Many of our students present papers at international conferences and attend doctoral consortiums with top researchers. As a doctoral candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, you will contribute groundbreaking research, gain exposure, and invaluable experience that will translate to an exciting, challenging, and well compensated career.

Options After Graduation

A PhD from WashU opens doors to a variety of careers in either academia or industry with high-growth potential. Graduates can start their own company or pursue careers in research and engineering at top companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or join universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, UT Austin, etc., in an academic (tenure-track or teaching) position. 

Average Starting Salaries

with stock options and bonuses
Tenure-track positions
for assistant professor 9-month positions