Other Options to Study in CSE

  • Bachelor's /Master's Program (BS/MS)
    This five-year program, leading to a master's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, is available to any undergraduate student. It offers the student an excellent opportunity to combine undergraduate and graduate studies in an integrated curriculum. Combination of the two programs extends the flexibility of the undergraduate curriculum to more advanced studies. Students in the BS/MS program can exploit the program's flexibility by taking graduate courses toward the graduate degree while still completing the undergraduate degree requirements. The program is open to students who have at least 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • Student Not Candidate for a Degree (SNCD)
    Students may choose to take courses without applying to a degree program by being admitted to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering as SNCD. These applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Course prerequisites must be met, and an individual enrolling in a graduate course must typically show proof of a bachelor's degree. A student who registers for courses as an SNCD and later applies for admission to a graduate program in Engineering will be allowed to count a maximum of nine (9) units taken as an SNCD toward a graduate program, regardless of how many courses were taken as an SNCD.