The Bachelor of Science in Business and Computer Science is an integrated joint degree program offered through the Olin Business School and the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

Students in this program will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and perspectives of computer science and business and will have unique opportunities to converge these two disciplines.

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General Degree Requirements

  • Complete at least 120 applicable units
  • Earn at least a C (2.0) cumulative grade point average in all applicable courses taken at WU
  • Earn at least a C (2.0) grade point average in each separate school of study
  • Complete a minimum of 60 units at Washington University (at least 30 units must be “B” courses and at least 30 units must be from “E” courses)

Foundation Course Requirements (30 units)

Breadth/Free Elective Course Requirements (24 units)

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (15 units): Any course with A&S attributes of Humanities (HUM), Language and Cultural Diversity (LCD), or Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSC). These courses must be taken with the credit grade option only (not pass/fail). At least one course must be an ethics course from the list of approved courses.

  • Free Electives (9 units): Any course from any day-school division, including prematriculation credit (e.g., AP credit). The free elective courses may be taken with the pass/fail grade option.

Capstone/Integrated Learning Experience Requirements (6 units)

Major Course Requirements (60 units)

Business Course Requirements (30 total units)

  • Choose ONE of the two Clusters Below

  • Business Analytics Cluster
    Business Core Course Requirements (18 units)

    Electives (12 units)

  • Strategy & Leadership Cluster
    Electives (15 units)

Computer Science Course Requirements (30 total units)

  • Computer Science Core Requirements (9 units)
  • Computer Science Elective Course Requirements (21 units)