Computer scientists & computer engineers at WashU are driving the frontier of computing forward and developing innovative ways to transform society.

Why are you pursuing a graduate degree?

"I wanted to feel like I was making a difference and the best way to do that in my mind was getting a PhD and doing research."

Kathryn Sarullo
Degree Pursuing: PhD in computer science
Hometown: Florida

James M. McKelvey, Sr. Hall

McKelvey Hall will serve as a hub for computational and data education as well as interdisciplinary collaboration on campus, inviting students and faculty throughout the university to partner on research and entrepreneurial endeavor.

With state-of-the-art computer labs and access to the latest computational tools and software solutions, McKelvey Hall is a testament to the university’s commitment to ensure computing is at the core of our education.

Brand new facilities

“The open concept that permeates the design of McKelvey Hall is intended to foster greater interactions and collaborations. It will help our faculty and students create connections both within and outside of engineering and contribute to broadening the impact that data and computing are having on science and society.” - Roch Guérin, Harold B. and Adelaide G. Welge Professor of Computer Science and Department Chair

Research neighborhood | research and collaboration spaces

Research neighborhoods in McKelvey Hall will be ideally suited for computer science research. The neighborhoods will replace traditional walls with open spaces and moveable partitions, bringing together collaborative groups while maintaining maximum flexibility for the changing needs of cutting-edge research.

Café | convenience

On the first floor of McKelvey Hall, a café with comfortable seating and a welcoming atmosphere will invite students, faculty and staff to relax and enjoy refreshments. Spacious windows in the seating area will fill the café with natural light and provide views to the Engineering Quad and the Tisch Park to the west.

Judith Hood McKelvey Commons | flexible student space

The second floor of McKelvey Hall will feature places for students in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering to study, meet and share ideas. These spaces are designed for a wide range of uses, including large audience presentations in the Judith Hood McKelvey Commons.