Computer scientists & computer engineers at WashU are driving the frontier of computing forward and developing innovative ways to transform society.

Why did you pick WashU?

"I picked WashU for many different reasons. I loved the fact that changing majors is not difficult and that I was able to apply as an undecided engineering major and then decide what area I wanted to focus on. I also loved that the engineering curriculum had space for humanities and social sciences, something not offered at all universities, and that I would be able to take classes that interested me outside of math and science."

Brenda Torteya
Degree pursuing: Computer Science
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas

Scholars in Engineering: Chloe Haynes


Why St. Louis?

Some of the best things about
St. Louis are literally just steps from the WashU campus.

Campus is in walking distance to Forest Park and the Delmar Loop. Students can also easily get to the medical campus, Cortex and downtown on the MetroLink.

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