The Computer Science & Engineering Departmental Outstanding Research Scholar Fellowship is intended to recruit PhD candidates who are highly-talented and sought after. Fellowships will be awarded to candidates whose scholarly accomplishments and research potential elevate the research profile of the department and its faculty.

The Fellowship provides recipients with a monthly stipend supplement equal to the stipend provided by the department and its faculty. This doubling of the student’s stipend is guaranteed for the duration of the student’s doctoral studies as long as the student remains in good standing in the PhD program.

This stipend enhancement is intended to attract very strong candidates and acknowledges that, while extremely rewarding in the long-term, the pursuit of a PhD may entail short-term financial sacrifices given the current high demand for computer scientists and engineers.

For Fall 2022, the 12-month Fellowship compensation is $70,676.

Fellowship selection process

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of CSE faculty that will include the Director of PhD Admissions, the Department Chair and two other CSE faculty. The department chair’s participation will be ex officio.

Selected Fellows will need to be recommended by all committee members. While the number of Fellows may vary year-to-year, the number of Fellowships that will be awarded each year is expected to be around two.